Most software is built for the masses, and not suited to the specific needs of your customers and staff. Custom Software Development is often used for companies that have unique business processes that don’t map to a specific technology product.

Your business should not have to work around the inflexibilities of your software. Whether you're building an ecommerce platform to generate real-time sales transactions, CRM for effective lead management, or an advanced SaaS platform – you need your software to work for you, not the other way around.

At Icreon, we develop software in a modular fashion– we build out the bespoke components where necessary, and seamlessly integrate existing products to minimise your risk, project timeline, and implementation cost.

  • MS Developer Tools
  • Java
  • PHP
  • Android
  • Apple

The Process

  • One

    Identifying key business processes that need to be supported by the technology

  • Two

    Determining off-the-shelf components that can be integrated

  • Three

    Developing the custom modules to fit tightly with the business model

  • Four

    Integrating custom and off-the-shelf to work as a single system

  • Five

    Extending the platforms’ features as new needs & opportunities arise

Use Cases

  • Need a way to extend the functionality of your existing software without starting over?
  • Do you find yourself customising your business to match a technology you picked?
  • Not sure of how much code you can re-use from a legacy software your business is looking to replace?
  • Looking to learn how software can add value and increase operational efficiency?

our solutions in action

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Automation Platform