SaaS platforms are a highly effective way to serve millions of customers simultaneously over the web and mobile. Enterprises like Salesforce, Oracle, and Intuit are SaaS-based. Startups like Spotify, and Basecamp are SaaS-based.

SaaS Products are highly effective for multiple reasons. Why? SaaS applications are available from any computer on any device, anytime, anywhere. They are easily upgradable. They are extremely scalable.

They can be tiered and modular based on the needs of customers. At Icreon, we build scalable, secure SaaS platforms that allow businesses the opportunity to serve millions of customers simultaneously over web and mobile.

The Basics

  • Easier Customer Acquisition

    As SaaS products are subscription based, the only necessity is an internet connection. Well-built SaaS products allow users to try the product in masses, increasing your pool of potential customers.

  • Single Sign-on

    With SaaS products existing on the cloud, users have access from anywhere in the world. Because the account creation process is so tedious, SaaS apps can use Facebook, Twitter & Linkedin to let users log-in, without forcing them to create yet another account.

  • Modularised Features

    As customers request more out of your SaaS, you’ll need to be able to add new components on the fly, without having to change the entire software structure.

The Not So Obvious

  • Business First

    Cloud and web-based technologies are being adopted by businesses and enterprises across the globe. Some of the top SaaS companies in the world are rapidly engineering software to target corporations for maximum profitability. Are you?.

  • Upsell-ability

    SaaS Products are about using your system’s value to lock customers in. At Icreon, we build SaaS platforms so that you can take existing customers, and help them organically upgrade – locking them into your business for the long run.

  • Multi-tenancy

    Security and data-breaches have become a major concern for businesses and consumers. Icreon makes the effort to ensure your customer’s data is secure and private, from the beginning stages of structuring your application all the way to the completed product.

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