The web has completely changed the buying behavior of consumers. Today, retailers, brands, and outlets compete against each other for potential buyers across the web, mobile, tablets and other forms of media.

Simply having an e-commerce website isn't enough to warrant a full sales pipeline. Your website functions as a digital storefront for your business, and needs to provide customers seamless shopping experiences. At Icreon, we provide online gateways to give customers the in-store experience, online.

We focus on understanding your target market’s buying behavior, your revenue models and how you transact. Once we have a firm grasp of the ways in which you operate, we build a unique platform that perfectly fits your business model, products, market and sales process.

The Basics

  • Recommended Alternatives

    Today’s buyer has unlimited options. Whether it be from you, your competitors, or completely irrelevant vendors – it’s available. Icreon designs ecommerce websites that provide buyers with alternative products, just in case you don’t have what they were looking for.

  • Responsive Web Design

    With mobile quickly becoming the preferred method of accessing information, products should be displayed correctly across all devices. We build ecommerce websites that will provide users an enriching experience across all browsers and devices.

  • Faceted Searching

    Our Ecommerce websites display the most relevant products when users are searching for specific things. Being able to separate organic search results by departments, product genres and feature specifications helps your customers discover exactly what they are looking for

The Not So Obvious

  • Dynamic Content Layouts

    Products and services have different importance throughout the day, to different people, in different locations. By creating dynamically generated stores, you can display products that are relevant to your users, at the time they’re looking, wherever they are.

  • Social Powered

    Convenience is everything in a shopping experience. Can users login through social networks? Are they able to easily share purchases with those networks? By integrating social networks with our ecommerce platforms, we build the foundation of an effortless shopping experience

  • Omnichannel-Driven

    eCommerce has come full circle, and is now intertwined with brick & mortar stores. Are you able to capitalise on your physical real-estate to drive eCommerce sales?

our solutions in action

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