Marc Ecko

Ecko Unltd. is a multi-national clothing company that is a leading seller of urban clothing. The brand started with just a few spray painted t-shirts and rapidly grew to over a billion-dollar fashion empire with outlets across the world. The company was looking for a way to reach its audience through an integrated eCommerce platform that would enable them to sell on laptops and mobile devices alike.

The Challenge

Over the years, Ecko has grown its digital eCommerce properties. From an offline POS system to a completely separate eCommerce website / fulfillment / warehousing system running on GSI Commerce, the skyrocketing growth of the company led to the use of multiple

non-complimentary systems. Ecko realized the need to have a more seamless, automated, and transparent solution to manage their digital business. We worked together on a responsive eCommerce site to manage the supply and logistics of their global product.

The Analysis

Mobile web browsing makes up over a quarter of all internet activity. Mobile payments have grown exponentially. To capitalize on this, Icreon worked with Ecko to develop an eCommerce site that would utilize

Responsive Web Design. With this in mind, we set out to build a set of features that would be easily accessible from laptops, tablets and smartphones alike without issue.

Development of Mark Ecko's eCommerce platform started with understanding its existing GSI Commerce infrastructure. Icreon mapped product tables against this to build a new database in Magento Enterprise.
The new Magento instance integrates with the OpenGraph API. Custom application code in PHP and MySQL was written as well to send orders in real-time to Marc Ecko's fulfillment and warehousing distribution centers.
  • Magento eCommerce
  • PHP Development
  • MySQL Database
  • RESTful
Key Features
  • Paypal Integration

    To make payments simpler, Ecko utilizes Paypal's payment gateway so that user financial information remains secure.

  • Social Logins

    The site allows the users to login via Facebook's OpenGraph API and make purchases without having to create yet another online account.

  • Blog Commerce

    A specialized Magento module that allows Ecko's marketing team to create blog articles that link directly to products within the site.

  • A Customizable Backend

    A complete suite of customization tools using Magento to alter the look and theme of the Ecko frontend site.

A single domain to
sell clothing
to satisfy laptop, tablet & smartphone
sold yearly by Marc Ecko