Control Energy Costs (CEC) is an independent energy cost auditor providing businesses full utility management and procurement services covering electricity, gas, water and associated costs. As renewable energy and environmental sustainability have become key areas of focus for businesses, CEC succeeds in guiding companies on the path to reducing their energy footprint.

The Challenge

The existing backend application that CEC was using had an initial technological infrastructure built by a third party vendor, and needed to be redeveloped to better fit CEC’s business functions. They were looking for

a technology partner that could redevelop, enhance and maintain the existing application. Specifically, CEC was looking for a dedicated team working full time to develop and enhance the system both off- and onsite.

The Analysis

Icreon’s development team would work with CEC to redevelop the application to ensure the system was fit to sustain the rapid growth of the business.

Once the system was fully developed, Icreon would provide full maintenance and support both off- and onsite to continuously enhance the application.

Icreon worked with CEC to redevelop the backend system to provide more streamlined business operations. The system is written in PHP and is hosted with Amazon Web Services. Icreon continues to
support CEC with both an offsite and onsite team for continuous enhancements and development needs. The extended team has helped CEC grow their business by providing more service offering to clients.
  • PHP Development
  • MySQL Database
  • Amazon Web Services
Key Features
  • Admin Dashboards

    Customised Dashboards to see upcoming contract renewals, break down clients by industry, or visualise report expenses.

  • Sales Reports

    With all information hosted in a single instance, sales reports are automatically generated and put into detailed dashboards.

  • Client management

    CEC no longer relies on paper documents to track clients and invoices, and can automate reports and billing for each individual client.

  • Custom Alerts

    Users can set up custom alerts to be notified of upcoming contract terminations, renewals, sales reports or audit reports.