Icreon is built on the belief that today's myriad business challenges
can be solved through smarter technology solutions.

For well over a decade, Icreon has worked across various industries, combining numerous technologies to develop web, software and mobile applications for businesses. Our expert teams boast award-winning designers, world-class developers, certified analysts and senior architects.

Icreon was built on the belief that today's myriad business challenges can be solved through smarter technology solutions. Technology is our passion, and we use our craft to make businesses more profitable, more efficient, and more agile.

Our Clients

Icreon specialises in working with growth-oriented, medium-sized businesses. Our clients hail from a variety of verticals, and all have varying needs.

Tying them all together are strong leadership teams who want to improve their current business technology, or who acknowledge a business gap that technology can help them fill.

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Defining Icreon:

i • cre • on

/ ai kr? an /

"I" - The Intelligence we bring to every project to solve tough problems.

"CR" - The Creativity we need to make solutions that surpass expectations.

"EON" - The belief that all of our clients and projects are for the long-term.

Our Work

We build platforms for businesses that want to profoundly transform their existing digital ecosystem. Typically, businesses seek us out to overhaul multiple disparate, outmoded technologies by:

  • First

    Assessing the needs of the system and building a comprehensive technology roadmap.

  • Second

    Executing on that vision through iterative software design, development & implementation.

  • Third

    Maintaining and modifying the platform for continuous future growth.

We Promise...

Large-scale technology initiatives can be resource-intensive, stressful, and risky. Over the past fifteen years, Icreon has built mission critical applications and software for growth-oriented companies.

While we've seen an overwhelming degree of success, we've also learned some hard lessons along the way. With our experience, we at Icreon can make a single promise without a second's hesitation.


Icreon's overwhelming focus on business-first technology encompasses every aspect of our company culture. We promise that

every technological recommendation we make is a step toward sustainable improvements for your organisation's top and bottom line.

"Why reach out to us?"

Because you're looking to build new technology. Because you want to make your employees more efficient. Because you have new ideas for a product line. Because you're ready to get started.